Waterfront Enhancement Strategy - Draft Resource Book

about 1 year ago

For the Enhancing the Waterfront component of the OCP Review process, the City of White Rock has retained a consultant, MVH Urban Planning and Design (‘MVH’), to assist with developing a Waterfront Enhancement Strategy. The MVH team, in collaboration with the City of White Rock and the White Rock Business Improvement Association, has developed a Waterfront Enhancement Strategy draft Resource Book, which will be used as a resource to help create a common foundation of knowledge about the existing conditions in the Waterfront / Marine Drive area and inspire potential ideas for improvements. The draft Resource Book includes a detailed analysis of the Waterfront, an outline of the important opportunities and challenges, and numerous enhancement ideas that have been successfully implemented in other communities.

To learn more about how the City is looking to collaborate with residents, business owners and others to achieve the full potential of the Waterfront, please refer to the draft Resource Book link in the “Documents” section of this page.

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